Homage to Marillion 
up to 2 hours Marillion's songs


Mr Punch (Marillion Tribute)

emerges from a combination of musicians from various Italian prog bands, first and foremost Milan masters, The Watch.
Covering what is probably the most beloved period of the Fish era Marillion; The Fugazi Tour. The rhythm section comprises Guglielmo Mariotti who played bass and 12 string guitar with The Watch during the “Plays Genesis” period and drummer Roberto Leoni, who played on the band’s first three studio albums (Ghost, Vacuum and Primitive).
Joining these we have the wonderful voice of Alessandro Corvaglia (Delirium and La Maschera di Cera) , Marcella Arganese (Ubi Maior) on guitar and Daniele Fuligni (La Fabbrica dell’Assoluto, Kaledon)
The show is a faithful rendition of the Fugazi tour of 1984, complete with Make up and theatrics in classic Fish style.
Moreover the collaboration with Mr.Punch and “The Company”(Fish official fanclub) let you relieve on the stage (over and uder) the excitement of the concerts of one of the most interesting bands of prog rock music scene.

Mr. Punch officially announces that Daniele Fuligni (“La Fabbrica dell’Assoluto”) has joined the band in substitution of our friend and keyboardist Luca Scherani.

The purpose of respecting the possibilities and the increasing commitments of both the band and Luca has made this change necessary. We strongly feel the need to affirm that mutual affection, appreciation and friendship with Luca have not been spoilt in the least.

We wish to Luca a fulfilling and satisfying path for any success, giving him thanks for all the passion, enthusiasm and amusement he has dedicated to this band in these two years together. Samely, we wish to Daniele satisfaction and joy as well in playing with us.

See you within 2 weeks in Holland!
All the best freaks are here!


Stage Plan

scarica qui il pdf

Alessandro Corvaglia  - vocals
- 1 mono channel
let us know if there is the
availability of a radio mic.

Guglielmo Mariotti  - bass, bk. vocals - bass pedal
- 2 mono channel  - (bk.vocals + bass)
- 1 mono channel  - (bass pedal)

Marcella Arganese - electric guitar
- 1 mono channel

Daniele Fuligni  - keyboards
- 1 stereo channel  - (line mixer main out)

Roberto Leoni - drums
- drumset list
1. Kick - 2. Snare - 3. H.H. - 4. Tom 1
5. Tom 2 - 6. Tom 3  - 7. Hanging Tom 4 
8. OH - Left - 9. OH Right 


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